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We started back in February 2014 when around about the same time, four tragedies in the community were highlighted and one government response was introduced.  We pondered and still question such anomalies.


- Luke Batty was murdered by his father after cricket training at the cricket ground

- Lisa Harnum was thrown from a 15th floor balcony by her fiance

- Thomas Kelly (Jul 2012) and Daniel Christie (Dec 2013) killed from "coward punches" in Kings Cross


- Lockout Laws were introduced in the Kings Cross and Sydney CBD entertainment precincts (Jan 2014) 

RIP Luke, Lisa, Thomas and Daniel.

So, we decided to do something to raise awareness of the very complex issues of Family and Domestic Violence.

Three annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes events supported by leaders and grassroot community members has led us to establish PVAW.

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