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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it only for men?

We are targeting men to do the walk as we want to provide an opportunity for the majority of men who abhor violence against women to make a public stand in their support of White Ribbon's campaign to prevent men's violence against women. Please come along and support the guys as they walk to make a difference. 

Why heels?

Based on the old saying, "You can't understand another person's experience until you've walked a mile in their shoes", is how this international event commenced in Toronto 2001. Even though it's only for a moment, and it's all in good fun, walking in heels represents the women who have suffered through violence. We support this fully and think it is colourful quirky way to create awareness.  

Do they have to wear heels?

For those who can't risk being injured, are not confident to walk in heels or can't find a pair of ladies shoes in their size, our advice is to "re-style" some sneakers from an op shop or wear a colourful piece of women's clothing on the outside of your clothes. Add a pink bow to your shoes, some glue and glitter or perhaps a pair of tights and a dress is more your style? Anything goes! 

Why $30 to register, other marches/demonstrations are free?

Our aim is to create awareness and support the fantastic work White Ribbon do to conquer violence against women. All registration fees, donations and raffle funds are given to White Ribbon Australia. The expenses associated with organising the event are totally covered by the sponsor, Easoto,  ensuring the money raised goes exactly where it is intended. 

Do I get a receipt for my donation/registration fee?
  • Yes, all registration fees and donations receive a receipt from White Ribbon.

  • If you register or donate via Everyday Hero, the receipt is issued almost immediately as part of the process Everyday Hero

  • If you register or donate on the day, we will record your email address for White Ribbon and they will issue you a receipt via email. This takes more administration work, hence why we would prefer you to register beforehand at Everyday Hero.

  • Monies are classified as a gift and amounts over $2 are tax deductible.

Do I have to register?

We want men to register so that we have a means of seeing how successful our event is. Last year we had over 110 registrations and raised over $43,000. We believe we can beat that this year.  

Can I just come along and walk?

We prefer to have registrations done beforehand so that most of the administration is complete. This frees up the committee on the day for check-in, processing donations and selling raffle tickets.

What can women and non-walkers do to support this event, and thereby White Ribbon?
  • Encourage the fellas in your life to take part in the walk.

  • Come along on the day and cheer the walkers on.

  • Buy a raffle ticket on the day, some fabulous prizes are donated.

  • Share the website and Facebook page with your friends and family.

  • Download a copy of the event poster from the website, print it out and pin it up on noticeboards, in shop windows, anywhere you can think.

  • Donate via any of the Team Members of the event via the Everyday Hero event page: Everyday Hero

  • Become a Team Member of the event and ask your friends and family to donate: Everyday Hero


Is this walk done anywhere else in Australia?

Yes, check out the White Ribbon Events page on their website for the details. If you are really keen to support White Ribbon, gather a few like-minded friends and contact White Ribbon about an event you could organise: White Ribbon

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