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2019 campaign pack
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25 November - 10 December 2019

Your workplace kitchen


Commencing on the 25 November, PVAW will be shining a light on the 51* women killed by violence this year in Australia. Through a simple, yet powerful display, together we can remember and pay homage to these women.


We will illuminate the national epidemic of Domestic Abuse that Australia is experiencing and eliminate the silent acceptance of abuse in our homes, on our streets and in our workplaces. 


For 16 days, in workplace kitchens across the country, we will create a powerful tribute and provide a daily reminder of important Domestic Abuse statistics.  This will raise awareness and encourage thought, discussion and action.


We honour the women who have tragically lost their lives to violence and hope that they now rest in peace.


  • Budget is under $45, which I am hoping your workplace can donate/contribute?

  • All content has been developed, packaged and ready to download and print

  • Once set up, it is a daily task to update the display

  • Optional extra – update social media to spread the message

*Current as at  01 Dec 2019

Download and print the Honour scroll and Instructions

Please share a photo of your display, along with any comments and feedback on our Facebook page, or drop us an email.

Honour scroll


Last updated: 02 Dec 2019

Note: The files are quite large, so take some time to download

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